Why is wearing a helmet so important when riding a motorcycle?


When riding a motorcycle, wearing a helmet is not an option – it’s an obligation, one that was born out of necessity. One of the leading causes of death in motorcycle accidents is head trauma, that’s why no matter who you consider yourself to be and how frequently you ride this vehicle, you should invest in a quality helmet that will keep you safe at all times.

Being reckless is not cool, and since now you can find helmets that are super comfortable and that have all the latest technology incorporated into them, you have no excuse for not wearing one. Let’s not forget that most organ donors that are brain-dead are motorcycle users who didn’t wear the proper gear.



A motorcycle helmet is a product meant to protect the rider’s head during impact and other types of trauma, which is something that makes the difference between life and death. This is vital especially in a world where car drivers disrespect the rights of motorcycle users.

Buying and wearing a good helmet will reduce the risk of injury by 70%, which only adds to the list of reasons to invest in a sturdy model. You can even find the right model if you need something to protect you against spinal cord injuries, which can lead to paralysis and death by asphyxiation – your spine is the one that controls the muscles which help you breathe.

If connectivity is something that matters to you, then you’ll be glad to learn that modern models come with Bluetooth. This guide for Bluetooth motorcycle helmets will further educate you when it comes to the best products the market has to offer. Features like these will allow you to answer urgent calls and to run last minute errands.

Other modern tweaks that the helmet has received are ventilation and intercom. Some even come with inbuilt speakers, a sturdy face shield, and ear protection. The latter is essential to prevent friction, which could hurt your ears especially when you increase the speed of your motorcycle to feel that specific excitement and the adrenaline release.

Wearing a helmet that comes with a face shield will also protect your eyes and your sight. When on the road, many things can get into your eyes. This includes flies, mosquitoes, and dirt. Having the right piece of equipment will protect you against any lesion and even from infection because the eyes are highly sensitive. It will also protect your eyes from toxic fumes and heavy winds, which can irritate them pretty badly.

To conclude, helmets are not a whim. They are Vital with capital V. To prevent any tragedy, some even worse than death, invest in a product that will have all the modern features that you need to make wearing it not a burden, but a pleasure.