My new Whistler Radar detector

After two years of throwing money on several second-hand radar detectors and a no-name new one that got me a ticket faster than I could mount it, I decided it was time to be responsible and invest a little in a new, branded device that could save me all the trouble the other ones didn’t. I did my research on the internet and started getting more and more curious about Whistler detectors and their prices, that promised quality and a lot of interesting features. After a few days, I said to myself I couldn’t do better than with a new CR93 Laser Radar Detector, so I bought it and I’ve been driving with it for the past month.


My first thought when I got it out of the box was that it couldn’t be so accurate with such a simple design, but I couldn’t be more wrong. The buttons are very easy to reach and operate, and the display remains clear and gives you only the crucial information, so that your sight isn’t suffocated with data. What’s more, you can even modify the luminosity of the display.


ua8But let’s get to the heavy advantages I’m currently enjoying. First of all, this Whistler model detects all radar bands, laser and Pop alerts. Usually, you would think this means that I get a lot of false alarms and that I drive with a constant alarm noise in my car, but it is not the case with the CR93. In fact, it has a three-step city mode that allows me to limit the sensitivity on the X-band, and even to shut it down completely. Plus, it comes with Field Disturbance Sensor rejection and Traffic Flow Sensor rejection, to eliminate the false alerts caused by these sensors. As for the alarm sound, this model offers a quiet mode, that will eliminate all sound, and an Auto Quiet Mode, that will make the sound dim after 5 seconds. Also, you can set it to Voice Alert, both in English and Spanish, and I can guarantee, there’s no better way to keep your grandkids quiet on a car ride.

All jokes aside, the best part of this model, and a novelty on the market is the integrated GPS, that tells you where red light cameras, speed cameras and other immobile detectors are, so that you can avoid getting a ticket.