The best Revlon blow dryers

There is no such thing as a perfect blow dryer, mostly because different types of hair require different types of care. However, Revlon, as an experienced personal care products manufacturer who’s been in the business for over seven decades, knows that the key to finding it is constantly assessing the consumer needs and improving their products accordingly.

Revlon currently has three collections of blow dryers on the market, each designed for a certain level of styling. Amongst them, the Pro collection renders a perfect combination of top quality materials, durability and an impressive number of features designed to improve your experience and give your hair the best care possible. There are two models in this collection that need to be pointed out as they reach a high standard.


Pro Collection Salon AC Motor Styler


ua1This pink dream can trick the eye with its sweet, candy-like aspect, but beneath the layers of paint lies a great combination between tourmaline and ceramic coating that will protect your hair against overheating while getting rid of all the dampness. A stronger, faster airflow lets you limit your hairstyling time, while you chose between three levels of heat and two speed levels. Seal in the curls and bangs with the cool shot that will inhibit the heat that’s been building up, and get greater volume with the help of the volumizing diffuser attachment. What’s more, this blow dryer features a smoothing concentrator attachment, so you’re covered, whatever your hairstyle choice of the day is. The Styler offers not only great performance, but it also comes in a easy to use, compact design, that will turn it into your best travel buddy.


Pro Collection Salon One-Step Hair-Dryer and Volumizer


ua2This hair tool by Revlon is the best in a series designed to combine the action of a blow dryer and styling brush. While keeping the ceramic coating and ionic technology, the manufacturer has yet to improve it with tourmaline, but instead featured it with an oval brush, perfect for shaping even the most stubborn ends.

The brush has nylon pins with ball tips that are designed to spread the heat evenly while forming the curls and waves you’ve been getting only at the salon. Multiple heat settings let you adapt the tool to the specific needs of your hair, while its professional design make it easy for you to store it, carry it, and keep it handy at all times.