The best GPS manufacturers



When buying a GPS unit, the first question that comes to mind is which brand offers the best and safest technology. Accuracy and versatility also weigh in on such a decision, and with the growing number of manufacturers and insane rise of the use of smartphones and tablets as substitutes, the decision becomes more and more difficult. Certainly, we are inclined to look for brands that have years of experience in the field of automotive navigation systems, but the real measurement system of a product is the satisfaction it provides for the buyer.


Looking at the customer reviews everywhere, you can easily spot Garmin as one of the most appreciated GPS manufacturers, and here are a few reasons why. First of all, Garmin has been on a continuous race towards improving the features of its products even since 1998, when it first released the StreetPilot, and ua5finishing with the versatile Garmin Nuvi series, that completely raised the bar for GPS units feature combinations. The major advantages that a Garmin unit offers are its incredible ease of use, its friendly interface and the details that it offers the driver so that not only does he/she know the road, but also the traffic, relevant info about the surroundings, and possible obstructions on the road. High-resolution screen, touch -screen, wi-fi, text-to-speech capability, route-planning, voice guidance, these are just a few of the features Garmin has included in the design of its GPS units, and it all culminates with its large number of models and the long lifespan of the units.

Another beloved brand is TomTom, who covers from the automotive GPS market to fitness and outdoor gear. As an European company, one might expect it to have less impact on the American market, but the quality of its products have overpowered any reluctance one might have had and now, this Dutch manufacturer is the top competitor for Garmin. With a much more information displayed at once, a much more accurate HD real-time traffic service, an ad-free interface, and all the connectivity features that will let you access the internet and read your text messages on the GPS screen.


Naturally, the features themselves don’t make them “the best”, but the decades of time invested in perfecting the technology, and most of all, the incredible amount of confidence that the American driver has given these two brands make us believe you won’t be safer with anything else.